May 15, 2013
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Happy Customers

May 2, 2013
Roy Buckley commented on First Light Tackle Inc.'s link. Roy wrote: "First light tackle.. Thought you would like to know I stopped by billy bones tackle and had Jason put on the new wonder braid line . I have to say I am impressed with the line. The 12lb and 20lb braid worked flawlessly . Smooth long casting no loops or wind knots . Great fishing line"

Happy Customers

April 26, 2013
Hey Tom, This is Jayson Arman of That's R-man Land Based Fishing. I just wanted to thank you for letting me try out that new wonder braid. There are not many braided lines out there that give me as much convenience as wonder braid. When I want to throw a 2oz snook jig into a 20 knot head wind I know bad things are NOT going to happen when I have wonder braid on my spool. For the past couple of months in the 2013 snook season we have been throwing 30lb wonder braid and catching over-slot snook in the 30lb range. I have no worries muscling up on a big snook that's pulling with everything she's got towards the bridge and knowing my line is going to hold. Here are a couple of pictures from this season. The more products fishermen come out with the better the industry will be, that's why I'll always be on-board with First Light Tackle. Thank you, Jayson Arman 1.1 unnamed 1 KB

Happy Customers

April 23, 2013
Show this HTML in a new window? First Light products kick ass! I snook fished over 2000 hours last year and caught some my biggest fish using 1st light flairhawks. The widowmaker weedless hooks are perfect for bigger plastics in mucky bottom, or any other situation. E. Gates

Happy Customers

September 15, 2012


Hi Tom, 
Thank you for sending me your jigs. I received them today. I've caught some very nice snook with your jigs. One close to 20lbs and quite a few 10+lbs. I went yesterday morning and caught 6 snook fishing your jigs, two were 35"+ and three others 30''+. I'll send you some pictures here soon, I'm trying to get a good shot with your jig in the snooks mouth. I try not to take the snook out of the water upon release, so I don't take as many pics as I could. Thank you again for your services and supplying me with your quality product. Talk with you soon.


Saturday Night Lights With Drew Wickstrom From Fla.Sportsman Magazine

February 28, 2012

  Hello Anglers, This past Saturday I had the pleasure to fish with Drew Wickstrom from Fl.Sportsman Magazine. DrEw drove up from Stuart to fish with me in Fort Pierce. We launched the boat and got to our first spot at around 730 pm. We were not disappointed as I hooked up on a large snook on my 3rd cast.A 37 incher. It wasn't long before Drew's drag was screaming. The 39 1/2 incher tried to get away pulling drag for a great first run.Drew landed the fish posed for a quick picture and released her unharmed. At the first spot we tallied 3 snook all measuring 37-39 1/2 inches. We decided to move to another spot.  I dropped anchor and waited for the rope to draw tight Drew was already hooked up on another large snook. She was another beauty 38 inches. Anyway we tallied a total of 6 overly large snook in about 2 hours. We had decided to keep 1 legal snook before we started,a fillet each for Sunday dinner. I told Drew I knew a small area where I usually caught smaller fish. As we moved into position I threw my jig let it sink, tightened my line,3 cranks on the reel and FISH ON, We had our Sunday blackened snook sandwiches !  Until next time tight Lines,Tom Lewis:)


February 17, 2012

   Hello my name is Tom Lewis. When I was a small child, my Dad and Mom would take us kids fishing. As I grew, I always looked forward to the end of the school days in the afternoons because while most kids would get home and go outside and play in their yards or play videos games, I would load up the car with my mom and go to our favorite fishing holes. Sometimes we would have to wait for my Dad to get off work before we could hit the old south bridge for some extra ordinary snook fishing. This is where my snook fishing addiction started. The addiction still runs thru my veins today 40 some years later. My mom and dad are  both gone now,but everytime I head out I know they are with me.

   Hope you guys enjoy the blog - I'll keep the posts coming!

Snook Fishing The Treasure Coast

February 15, 2012

  Snook fishing should be great the next month or so. This  weekends cold snap is over and we are on a waning moon. So get out on the water and have some fun! Remember to fish our snook jigs slow with the water temperature a little cold.Work them down the shadow lines on the bridges. A helpful piece of advise, fish the snook jigs by casting on the upcurrent side of the bridges.This way the jig enters into a strike zone the whole cast.Let it sweep in the current as you reel down the shadow line. 

   Ps. Working on a First Light Tackle Snook Tournament. Calling it FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

Will give more info as we plan it. Hope everyone has a great week!

                                                          Tight Lines  >))))> Tom Lewis

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February 3, 2012


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