Hello my name is Tom Lewis. When I was a small child, my Dad and Mom would take us kids fishing. As I grew, I always looked forward to the end of the school days in the afternoons because while most kids would get home and go outside and play in their yards or play videos games, I would load up the car with my mom and go to our favorite fishing holes. Sometimes we would have to wait for my Dad to get off work before we could hit the old south bridge for some extra ordinary snook fishing. This is where my snook fishing addiction started. The addiction still runs thru my veins today 40 some years later. My mom and dad are  both gone now,but everytime I head out I know they are with me.

   Hope you guys enjoy the blog – I'll keep the posts coming!

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  1. Jonathan Turner says:

    Everybody go get the March issue of Florida Sportsman and see First Light Jigs in action.

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